Black seed (nigella sativa)

Black cumin oil is taking the health world by storm. The main reason for that is that it works. That is good news for the alternative health world as the medical health world have also taken this ancient herbal remedy very seriously.

The FDA have given this seed 5 patents for the treatment of

1) Cancer 

2) Diabetes

3) Immune system support

4) Psoriasis

5) Viral Infections (hepatitis)

Europe has also given a patent for black seed for the treatment of asthma.

As far as black seed being termed as an alternative therapy it should be remembered that it has been used for thousands of years by Medical masters such as Dioskeredes, Hippocrates, Pliny the elder, Ibn Sina and Galen for a variety of illnesses.

It was recommended by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SWS) as a remedy for every disease except death. So how is it that we are only recently hearing of this healing herb.

Blackcumin was included and indeed commonly used as a medical herb in Europe in the 17th Century. However with a confusion with a toxic farm weed which Drs. were mistakenly administering in its place it was forgotten.

It was the dramatic cure of a famous showhorse of asthma which reopened the rediscovery of this power herb. The horse happened to belong to the daughter of top immunologist Dr Schleicher. He was so impressed with the startling cure of the horse that he adminstered black cumin to a leading politician in Germany, Dr. Carpenter, the former Minister of the Interior. When he was also cured the Dr. put black seed to serious study.

Since then there have been over 600 studies researching the benefits of this healing remedy. The expectations were well exceeded as many of the traditional remedies were confirmed but also modern diseases such as cancer and AIDS were shown to benefit.

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